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bk_edit is an easy to use bookmark manager and editor. The program can read, write, edit, create, manage and convert the bookmarks of the most popular browsers. There is also a simple drag and drop interface for adding new bookmarks from a running browser in a very comfortable way. At the moment there are plugins for the following browsers and tools:

(Note: You can load any XBEL based file format with the XBEL plugin, but all properties not specified by the XBEL-DTD will be ignored.)

The package was successfully compiled and tested under GNU/Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris. If you have compiled and run it on another system or in another universe, please let me know it. You will also need at least the following libraries and tools for being able to compile bk_edit:

There is also an outdated package for Debian which is currently maintained by Marcelo Ramos. Mario Mueller has created a package for Debian unstable. RPMs for RedHat Linux 9 and Fedora were created by Axel Thimm. They can be found on ATrpms. And for Mandrake you can find some packages on rpmfind.net from Austin Acton. The NetBSD package was created by Thomas Klausner and can be found in the NetBSD Packages Collection. (Note: Please use the tarball if you can't find an up to date precompiled package for your system.)

The source code is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.



Drag and drop


2003-11-29 bk_edit v0.6.23 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-08-19 bk_edit v0.6.22 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-07-19 bk_edit v0.6.21 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-06-26 bk_edit v0.6.20 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-05-26 bk_edit v0.6.19 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-05-23 bk_edit v0.6.18 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-05-16 bk_edit v0.6.17 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-05-06 bk_edit v0.6.16 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-04-25 bk_edit v0.6.15 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-04-17 bk_edit v0.6.14 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-04-07 bk_edit v0.6.13 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-03-08 bk_edit v0.6-12 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-03-03 bk_edit v0.6-11 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-03-01 bk_edit v0.6-10 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-02-24 bk_edit v0.6-9 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-02-15 bk_edit v0.6-8 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-02-12 bk_edit v0.6-7 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2003-02-11 bk_edit v0.6-6 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-12-23 bk_edit v0.6-5 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-12-18 bk_edit v0.6-4 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-12-06 bk_edit v0.6-3 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-09-05 bk_edit v0.6-2 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-03-08 bk_edit v0.6-1 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-02-26 bk_edit v0.6 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2002-02-17 bk_edit v0.5-1 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2001-10-26 bk_edit v0.5 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2001-09-05 bk_edit v0.4 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2001-08-16 bk_edit v0.3 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2001-08-08 bk_edit v0.2 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>
2001-07-24 bk_edit v0.1 <clfuit00@fht-esslingen.de>