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Surviving Penumbra Without Getting Scared

Penumbra: Overture was part of the awesome Humble Indie Bundle #2. The whole atmosphere of this game is really scary. But all these ill infected dogs, spiders and worms are unnecessary, annoying and totally frustrating. Fortunately the solution of this annoyance is simple: Frictional Games released the source code of Penumbra on GitHub some time ago. And now it's super easy to survive this horrific journey from start to finish without any kind of damage. Here are some patches which will turn Penumbra into a peaceful world of joy and fun:

With a recent GNU/Linux distribution the following steps are sufficient to build a patched version of Penumbra. The created binary must be placed into and started from the installation directory of the game:

$ mkdir ~/src
$ cd ~/src
$ git clone git://github.com/FrictionalGames/HPL1Engine.git
$ git clone git://github.com/FrictionalGames/OALWrapper.git
$ git clone git://github.com/FrictionalGames/PenumbraOverture.git
$ wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/downloads/FrictionalGames/HPL1Engine/dependencies.zip
$ unzip dependencies.zip
$ patch -p0 < /tmp/PenumbraOverture-no-damage.patch
$ patch -p0 < /tmp/PenumbraOverture-peaceful-dogs.patch
$ patch -p0 < /tmp/PenumbraOverture-peaceful-spiders.patch
$ patch -p0 < /tmp/PenumbraOverture-peaceful-worms.patch
$ cd PenumbraOverture
$ cmake CMakeLists.txt
$ make
$ ls overture.bin
$ cp overture.bin ~/PenumbraOverture
$ cd ~/PenumbraOverture
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib ./overture.bin